Your smile

Out of all the gift, mine was the cheapest. It has no value compare to everything you received. But the child like smile you gave when you got it was the sweetest. This warmth in my heart, your love, I hope I deserved it.

18 thoughts on “Your smile

        1. Well, I leave it to the person talking to me haha. Friends from Philippines call me Jess or Jessa, here in Spain Jenny, in Norway Jessie. I’ve gotten use to so many nickname I turn my head whenever anyone said these names, so feel free to use any of it haha 😀

          1. Wonderful! I would call you Jess. Jessica is so long and my fingers are having cramps from typing. 😁🤪 Joke! Do you speak Norwegian? I’m fascinated with their language.

          2. Hehehe 😁 I did too for fun and saw that Google translate mess it up a bit when the sentence written with “Jo”. It translated “jo” as “Well” but “yes” by itself. But it accepts it and translates perfectly when I used “Ja” instead of “Jo”

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