You win again (Inspired)

This text:

Oh girl, oh girl, oh baby I shake you from now on
I’m gonna break down your defenses
One by one
I’m gonna hit you from all sides
Lay your fortress open wide
Nobody stops this body from taking you

And Garry’s shaking hips just killed my fangirl’s heart. Too sexy! 😍🥰

With that said, I wrote a Story/poem inspired by the combination of the lyrics and Garry’s performance.


You said I win, but the fact is that your gesture, your movements, your pure seductive smile, the way you shake that hips are enough to make me faint. I win? Think again when my lovestruck self stops fretting, but you and I both know it will never happen. Your sexiness is a sin.

4 thoughts on “You win again (Inspired)

    1. Yes, I heard about that in one of the documentaries about him, but I don’t think I’d have have a girly reaction. First, he’s not my type and only a few of his songs in my favorite. I like his dancing but it simply entertains me not love struck 😂

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