Writing and reading

“Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: They feed the soul. When writers make us shake our heads with the exactness of their prose and their truths, and even make us laugh about ourselves or life, our buoyancy is restored. We are given a shot at dancing with, or at least clapping along with, the absurdity of life, instead of being squashed by it over and over again. It’s like singing on a boat during a terrible storm at sea. You can’t stop the raging storm, but singing can change the hearts and spirits of the people who are together on that ship.”

– Anne Lamott

Keep reading, keep writing, continue expanding 🙂


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41 thoughts on “Writing and reading

  1. Well said 😍💘It pierced my heart ☺️Reading and writing helps our mind and soul connect and thats where we forget everything🥂

        1. audio stories is still a kind of reading so same. Cheers….🥂🤗 Just finished watching my second Indian serials and I can pretty much get addicted haha 😀

          1. Indian serial 😳😅 Oh wow, since when you started watching indian 😍. What serial is that, that had attracted you 😉🤔😁 Don’t get addicted, indian serials are too addictive for women especially 😅

          2. Haha 😄 I first watch an Indian serial back in 2019 in Amazon prime about LGBT issues and a marriage organizer… I love it but I forgot the title. The last one is called “Fittrat” and yes they’re addictive because you Indian people are too attractive. The talents are great too.

    1. So not true sweet Ribby! You’re good when you write. It’s just that we both know you’re simply more in love with cooking and baking 😁

      1. Oh thank you dear Jess! What are friends for if not for encouraging you even when you’re lousy ☺️🙈 But you’re very right! I’m more in love with cooking and baking 😁☺️

        1. Yup. I won’t be much of a friend if I can’t encourage you when you always do it for me 😁 but in all honesty you’re good with both. I’m still waiting to buy your printed cookbook 💞

          1. 😁😁😁 oh, my printed cookbook 📖 I’m afraid you’ll need to wait an indefinite time for that to happen ☺️ But never say never ☺️💕

    1. Wah Drew! I’ve been thinking so much how you have been. I got ups and down but otherwise I’m fine. We’re fine 🙂 …

      So happy to hear from you again 💞 I hope you’re getting stronger 😀

    1. Oh my god, you caught me off guard on this one Tippy. I burst out laughing so loud I made those with me jolt 😂

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