Word challenge: Pique


You know the feeling when everything seems meaningless? Have you ever felt it?

I’m a healthy nineteen-year-old boy, wait, a handsome nineteen-year-old Filipino man, hehe, and that’s exactly what I was feeling when a chicken gave me “the look” I’m not joking!

I was sitting on the park bench watching people skittering from each other and give that awkward smile. Social distancing has made a lot of people paranoid, even a loner like me want to cringe at how uncomfortable everyone is to accidentally be at a stranger’s side. I sighed, I thought about when it will be all over, and once it’s over, would everyone recover from the mental impact they suffered because of months after months of lockdown? It’s almost a year soon.

I wish, I lived in Sweden, they got no lockdown. I bet I could be there and enjoy the beach, I thought and that’s when I noticed a chicken male, a beautiful, colorful rooster standing a few inches away from my feet. He was looking at me with eyes that say, “You’re pathetic.”

It might all be in my head, but it stung. “What? You got a problem with me?” I stumped my foot. I expected the bird to scamper off, but instead, it looked as if I’ve piqued his interest.

The rooster dried his beak at his feather, stretch his neck, and started crowning but stopped in the middle to spattered as if he was chocking, except he wasn’t.

I laughed out loud pointing at him. “That’s what you get for taunting me!”

“Mommy, that man is fighting with a chicken,” said a young girl six feet away. Her mother shushed her and gave me an apologetic smile, but I’m sure she and her daughter think I was a nutcase.

The rooster then jumped on the bench. What the heck is with this stupid chicken? I thought then splat. It shit on my hand and ran of.

“Why you piece of shit! That’s it, you’re tonight’s dinner!” And off I ran after a rooster.

I caught it but I didn’t found the owner, and you know what? It was too smart to eat, and that’s how he ended up in my house, parading each day with a different hen. Flaunting how many ladies he got while I got none. As if I’ll envy him. All I need is one girl, one but I got none.


“Shut up and go have breakfast with your girl!” I told the rooster. He jumped beside me and snuggled up. I smiled. Ugh, I am pathetic, not for being single but for having rooster for a best friend.

This story was written “Word of the day challenge. My first challenge from this site. I hope you enjoyed it.

Story copyright © Jessica E. Larsen. All rights reserved.

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35 thoughts on “Word challenge: Pique

    1. Thanks Chiru ❤️ Having pets isn’t limited to what general public shows, our neighbor have 4 goats pet too, but I can’t get near to them because 1 of them hates me from day one for some reason haha 😀

  1. My loneliness shuffles between my anxiety of contracting the virus and the detached world when you can’t see the smiles under those masks. We really depended on those non verbal cues for warmth in our lives.

    1. I agree. The masks cover so much of our expression. On my side, I not only miss seeing happy people but I also see them hug and interact without worries.

    1. Thank you so much Steve! ❤️ Look down, there’s a beautiful girl looking at your feet 😉

    1. This was inspired from experience. I got a chicken pet too. She was a smart one. And I got fair time with roosters back when I was a kid. My parents got a chicken farm. 😄

      1. Hahaha…what if I say that I had a few baby chickens as pet too? 🐓 🤩 Actually there were 5 (2 black, 1 red/orange and 2 white) and I’ve kept them in my grandparents apartment 😂 and I used to take them out to the park too 😂🤪
        Oh my…sweet childhood memories 😍

        1. What a coincidence! Haha but my last chicken was a hen. I was 15. My mother ask me to bring her home for dinner but I bonded with her on the way. I paid her and cried to give me the chicken. She and my dog were friends 😁

          1. True. I even read a book about unusual animal friends. Unique Friends, I think. And a documentary title “HEART Of A LIONESS” – A lioness adopts a baby antelope. It’s a touching film. It was many years ago and I actually found it in Youtube.
            I really recommend it. I want to watch it again when I got time. 😁

    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s always great to have a best friend no matter in what forms they come from 😄

  2. Brilliant write up ✨ You have done an amazing Job Jessica ☺️ Didnt expect the end 😂 for a moment I thought of myself 🤪 What a bonding with the owner and chicken 😋 Lovely ! If I catch him I would have done the same 😁 as I don’t eat chicken 😁Enjoyed reading.. 💐

    1. An amazing short story, Jessica.

      I wasn’t expecting that ending.

      I thought the boy would eat the rooster.

      What a way to start a friendship.

      Shitting on somebody’s hand.

      Not many friendships begin that way.

      But then again my dad my dad proposed to my mother while he was busy vomiting into a bedpan.

      Which is a very unusual thing to do.

      And the big surprise was my mother accepted.

      Which is an even more unusual thing to do in my opinion.

      1. Thank you so much Christopher ❤ for the compliment and the story.
        I’m not sure which one is making me smile the most. Your feedback or your parents story. I think it’s the latter 😂 it’s both a cute and funny.

    2. Haha 😄 thank you so much for such a love review Simon. 💞

      I eat chicken but I have once a hen, and she was smart. She’s my inspiration for this story.

      1. 🤗 My pleasure. My motherin law have more chickens, goats and ducks 😋 soni have the privilege to eat all of it, but I can’t 😒 damn health 🙄. 😋😂nice inspiration though ☺️hopu did not you ate your inspiration 🤔🤪 coz I use to do once upon a time 😄

        1. I didn’t. My mother asked me bring her from the countryside to the city, but on the way I got attached to her so I beg my mother not to kill her and bought chicken meat instead. No I couldn’t eat her. She become my pet. A playgirl too.

          1. Wow 😍so cute 🥰 see, that’s why my grandma never gave me a chicken alive in hand 🤪 but only in plates 😋. they are sweet pets to have around us✨

          2. Haha 😄 I too have a tendency to like anything as they aren’t flies and mosquitoes. 😂

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