Wonderful Wednesday

I come to a decision that I’ll be dedicating Wednesday for pictures of places I’ve been. Romantic areas of the world you might want to visit. Who knows you may even be standing at the spot I took the shot.

Coincidentally my first travel post, Lovely but Guilty, was also in Wednesday, so I’ll try to keep this up 😉

The place I want to share today is for lovers or people who enjoy the stars.
The Tycho Brahe Planetarium from København, Denmark.

If you like planetarium you should definitely visit this place. Sitting in there looking up in dome ceiling filled with stars and soothing music is a experience that I can’t convey with words. The seat beneath you just vanished and all that’s left is you floating weightless among stars. You must see it, experience it to know how amazing it feels.

This post was inspired by Kate’s “Friday Foto Fun

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