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Wolf Mountain

wolf mountain

With a backpack on my back, containing basic necessities and a sleeping bag, I made my way up the mountain. The sound of snow beneath my boots gave me the boost of strength to go on. It was cold but my cheeks was damp with sweat and my long hair uncomfortably clung to my skin.

My mom’s words three years ago rang in my ears. 

“A young twenty-year-old girl like you should stop hiking by herself,” she said in which I replied with a brazen grin. Reminding her that it was her and my deceased father who planted this tradition in me.

November was my special month. It’s the month I was born and since childhood we climb this uneven path for a day and spend overnight with nature. 

werewolf story

Now that both of my parents has left for heaven, I’m doing this by myself. I’ve done so in years. 

Gazing at the starry sky in the dark winter night and spend my time to remembering them. It was my much needed escape.

That night, however, the moon was bright and the stars are dimmer. There was tension in the air. I can hear twigs breaking and crushing, animal footsteps everywhere, interrupted by whines and howls that heat up the surrounding.

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I place more tree branches into the fire and put out my sleeping bag, but I heard thuds and loud hair-raising growl, followed by dog whimpers.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but if there are some evil people who are hunting the beautiful wolves in these woods, I will feel like dying with regret if I do nothing. 

Armed with a blue steel flip knife and cell phone ready for emergency call, I bravely walked in the direction of the noise. My jaw dropped at the sight of dozen white and grey wolves bowing down. Then they raise their heads with vigorous howl. I felt goosebumps. But the one that sent shivers down my spine was the majestic giant black wolf on a higher point. His black fur shimmered under the moonlight contrasted against the pure white snow. He looked proud and unbreakable. A true king.

“Magnificent,” I muttered then froze when when the wolf king turn to me. His warm but fierce eyes burned a hole into my heart. Those orange eyes hold so much hurt and pain hidden by his tough exterior.

The black wolf opened his mouth flashing his fangs, but what shook me wasn’t that. It was the deep voice that came out of him saying “You’re not welcome here human.”

This story is my giveaway entry for Mathew’s first book โ€œEmotions in Motionโ€. I’d love to win it, so guys if you love the story kindly pressure Mathew to give me the reward and I’ll think about if I should write a part two of this story ๐Ÿ˜‚

Disclaimer: black wolf photo found from google image search and isn't mine.

Won it! โค๏ธ

Therefore, I wrote a part two


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