Wolf Mountain #5

wolf mountain

I found the Wolf Waves salon after asking around a lot for direction. It was a simple, homely and welcoming shop that wouldn’t make me think of a hostile Shadow,. I pushed the word charming and cool out of my mind, if not, I’d start accepting to have puppies.

I pushed the door open. Veronica was right. It does give off a bit of strange aura. There was no client and only the undeniably wolf pair was looking back at me, except one of them looked human. 

The man sitting at the corner of the salon was as Veronica described. A dark sultry man. He was not gorgeous. He was rugged and breathtaking. His jet-black, shoulder length hair curled around his tanned skin. His dark-orange eyes was intense as ever. He wasn’t doing anything, yet, I can feel his overwhelming presence, a dangerous murderous feel, but I long to bath in it.

“Frost.” He looked at the white wolf beside his seat and tilt his head in my direction.

I quivered. His voice seeped in my skin and I swear I’ll be on my knees if Frost wasn’t throwing daggers in my in direction. He rapped his knuckles between the wolf’s ears. “Sis!”

Sis? They’re siblings? 

Frost stood up tall and like magic, her front paws turn into human hands and her thick fur morphed into long wavy hair.  The next moment a woman who had a fade white hair, fair skin and grey eyes stared straight into my eyes. Beautiful, proud, and naked. I looked away.

“Shadow, do you have to hit me that hard?”

Shadow grabbed the cloth hanging beside him and throw it to Frost. “Put your clothes on.”

“That’s your only reply?”

Shadow gave Frost a bored look. “Next time don’t transform in front of customers.”

Frost clicked her tongue. Defeated. She then skipped toward me with false cheerfulness. She linked her arms to me. “Welcome, sister in law!”

That woke me up. I came here to confront him not get swept away on their pace.

I slipped out of Frost hold and marched straight to Shadow. He took his hand out of his pocket . He placed his elbows to his knees and looked up to me, then ever so slightly, the corner of his lips formed a faint lazy smile before going back to normal.

wolf mountain

If my heart beats any faster, I’m gonna need a hospital.

“Welcome home, Amara.”

One more part to go and this story is done. Thank you so much for those who like and especially for those who spent their precious time to give their feedback. Much appreciated ❤️ 

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