Wolf Mountain #4

wolf mountain

Shadow pressed his paw on top of my shoulders. “You’re my queen. Come on, it’s time to make puppies.” Ignoring my petrified state, Shadow licked my lips, running his wet tongue to my nose and tightly closed eyes.

“No! I don’t want puppies!” I screamed pushing the animal off me. A disappointed brown Kelpie whimpered and get back on its feet. 

Veronica, my best friend and housemate, entered the room and spoke to her dog before me. “Don’t worry, Kellie, we’re not giving her any of your puppies in the future.” She then glance at me and grin so wide, it looked painful.

“What?” I asked and get up. Feeling very happy that everything was a dream.

Veronica plopped down on my bed and pulled me back beside her. “I’m waiting.”

“For what?”

“Juicy details my dear friend. Juicy details.”

I sighed. “I dream that I’m going to be a wolf’s-“

“Not your dream!” Veronica pouted. “I’m talking about the guy who brought you home in your car.”

I shook my head. “If you’re not here to great me happy birthday, go play with your dog. I need to prepare for hiking.”

“Girl, I greeted you yesterday, and you completely fooled me. I seriously thought that you will be hiking again.”

I tilted my head and frowned. I touched the back of my neck and gasped at the uneven trim. The scenes about Shadow, Frost and the whole pack of wolves, swirled in my head. 

Wasn’t that a dream?

Veronica grabbed my arms. “Now, who’s was that dark, sultry man who carried you up here like you weight nothing at all? He’s gorgeous, even Kellie got a hots for him,” she then followed in half-whispers, “But then his dog he called Frost, snarled and scared Kellie out of her wits.”

I shrugged off from Veronica’s grip and grabbed her. “This man, did he say anything?”

“Yes, he said that you’re welcome to get your hair fix in Wolf Waves.”

I let go of Veronica and change into a tight-fitting jeans and longs sleeves shirt, boots and cream colored coat. I take my phone off the wall and put it down when I saw the fang marks.

“Do you know where this Wolf Waves is?”

Veronica nodded and mentioned the address. “It’s a famous hair salon for being a bit strange and it’s about twenty-four miles from here.”

“That’s alright.” I grabbed my keys on the table and my wallet. I pushed both inside my coat’s pocket and bolted out of the door.

Veronica followed me to my car. “Hey, what’s going on?”

“I’ll explain later.”

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  1. Hey Jessica✨👌✍️ This is a best one i read this week… And all this was a dream.. 🙄 my god, u took a super speed and i was running wild.. and there.. she said its a dream 😄.. Well done.. this is sooo cool..🤗✨

  2. Well Jess, I don’t know what are you afraid of…this story is becoming more and more interesting…I love how you switched it to a dream 😍 or was it? There’s always the question and the curiosity that will stop you from putting the book down until you read it all 😍😍 my perfect kind of book 😉😍
    Very well done Jess 🤗🤗🤗

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