Wolf Mountain #3

wolf mountain

Have you seen an enrage wolf? It wasn’t pretty. Their lips raise. Their red gums and sharp teeth are obviously enough to break your bones into two. As I stood there listening to the two wolves argue about me, the only thing on my head was, beast. They’re both beautiful and ferocious beast.Β 

“Not this human?” Frost let out a laugh that suits her name so good. Frosty sound that echoed around us and freeze me to the core.

Shadow look back to me. “What are you waiting for human?”Β 

I replied him with a puzzled “Huh?” Is he an idiot? I thought, and I don’t know where the courage came from, or maybe fear had fried my brain, but I found myselfΒ talking back to Shadow. “Did all your intelligence went to your gigantic size? There’s no way I can ran away when all your minions has surrounded me.”

Frost screamed.Β “You ungrateful bitch!” The next moment she kick her back feet and jump. I closed my eyes, ready to die. But nothing happened.

I opened my eyes and gasped. Shadow’s larger than life figure stood on his two feet pushing against Frost. I can feel his soft fur on my face.

“Shadow! Why are you saving that human?”

Shadow looked back to me. “Use your damn phone to call for help!” He then turn to the other wolves. “Anyone who touch her is my enemy!”

Everyone backed off. I raise my phone and pressed the buttons. Nothing. I pressed another button. Still dead. Nothing I did wake my phone. It’s dreaming! But then IΒ felt something at the center of my screen.

I narrowed my eyes and studied the screen. Running fingers over and over until I was sure. There are holes in my screen. “Your fangs damaged it idiot!”

“Sorry,” Shadow muttered. Silent laughter followed from the pack.Β 

Frost became more furious. “You just got crowned! Don’t go apologizing to a human!” She then slapped Shadow and they both dropped.

The cloud of snow fluffs up in the wind as their and heavy bodies drops. It was dangerous to stick around and watch, but I can’t help being mesmerized. Shadow and Frost intense and elegant fight looked like living work of art.

“A king should never bow down to anyone!”Β 

Shadow pushed her off him and growled. “I can, if it’s my queen!”

Huh? And before I could processed his words, the wolves that helped Frost hunt me down all stepped out of the shadows and bow down to me.

My world spun and the last thing on my mind before everything darkened was, “No matter how cool Shadow is, I don’t want to be a wolf’s queen!

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