Wolf Mountain #2

wolf mountain

After winning Mathew's challenge, I somehow felt obligated to write a part 2 as I said I would when I post posted my challenge entry. So for those who pushed me and supported me. Guys, this one is for you.

If you haven't the first part, I highly suggest you to read it first.

wolf mountain

“I said you’re not welcome here human,” the black wolf king repeated, still standing atop the higher ground with his subjects turning to face me. Their pair of grey, blue or green eyes glint against the moonlight. While the black wolf’s intense orange eyes burn me from the inside. 

I want to run but my feet refused my command. They weight too much and the rest of my body was too light. My brain fought the reality before me. I dare challenge anyone to stay compose when an animal suddenly talks to them.

I’ve heard wolves rampaging in these woods many times, I heard them howl and growl during a full moon. Once when I was six, I even saved a black puppy from the bullies, at least I thought it was, until my dad told me to let go of it, because it was a wolf pup. But they were only a wild counterfeits of domestic dogs for me. Coming face to face with the adult black wolf, with his eyes dangerously glum as he bare his fangs, made me silently pray to all the gods. I can’t say I blame him. From the looks of it, he was being crowned and I disturbed it. 

One of the white female wolf sauntered to my direction.

The snow fluff ever so lightly under her paws while her cold grey eyes, flashed like a hunter on the hunt. “Don’t worry, Shadow, I will gift you her most meaty part,” she said. The female wolf grin. I swear she did. 

The thought of being eaten by talking wolves made my trembling knees to buckle. I dropped on the snow. The slush of the cold snow on my hands brought back my senses. A flight or fight response activated. Flight won.

I crawled backward using my hands, dragging my feet, facing the pack of wolves.

Everyone sniggered except for wolf king or Shadow. The mere fact that he simply stood there and watch terrified me more than those advancing wolves toward me.

“Frost, go easy on the human,” someone said behind her, which she growled at.

I remembered the emergency on speed dial of my cell phone but gasped to realize that it was two feet away from me. Going back to get it will be risking getting by caught the female they call Frost. Luckily, my left hand still gripped on my flip knife.

I grit my teeth and punched my leg with my right. Blood pumped down my toes and I managed to stand with shaky stability. Shadow’s eyes were wide when I looked up. Amusement played on his face, but I have no time to stick around to find out more. 

I take a few steps backward and sprint away from the spot. But running on soft snow took a lot of effort. It was as bad as wadding on water that reached up to my knees.

“Great, she ran!” Frost say joyfully. “Just the way I like it. Guys, hunting time!”

Wolves howls filled the woods. My fear limit went sky high and dropped to zero. Adrenaline took over. I ran with no specific directions as long it was away from the swooshing sounds the wolves paws as they attempt to surround me.

My hair got tangle with a tree branch during one of my turn down a slope. The branch was to thick to break and I had no chance to untangle it because Frost skidded out from the side. Excitement written all over her face.

Hair can grow again, but if I die here, I won’t be able to bring myself back to life. 

I raised my blade and slashed my hair. Strands fell at the side of my cheeks forming an uneven inverted bob haircut. 

Frost growled and I readied myself to fight. I didn’t dare earlier but now that she was alone, I’m confident I stand a chance.

“Stop!” said a familiar deep voice. Shadow leap above me from behind and made a perfect landing between me and Frost.

My cellphone dropped beside my foot. Shadow brought it for me.

Frost opened her mouth. “But-“

“You’re not allow to kill this human.”

I’m saved?

Thanks for reading! ❤️

22 thoughts on “Wolf Mountain #2

  1. Wow This one goes at a super speed and a halt.. the power of the scene.. it is running super fast in my head. Twilight scenes are crossing over.. Oh i am going for the next part.. Awesome 😍😍😍 Story…

    1. Sadly, I’ve never watch the Twilight movies, and the first book of Twilight is the only thing I’ve read, because it did not reach my favorite level. But to be compared to a bestselling book, thanks for the great compliment Simon. 🤗

  2. BRAVO JESSICA!!! 👏 👏 👏 You won my heart! You are a mind-blowingly amazing storyteller….. that’s why you won the prestigious contest…. I love your power to set the scene …. and more importantly, bring me to the character’s heart, head, and soul! ❤️❤️❤️

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