Wish me luck!

Monday… ugh 😔… yeah, yours truly isn’t very motivating today. In fact, no Monday music yesterday because I’m too blue.

Life sucks. I have made no progress with the book I’m working with and I hate it more than anything, added with the fact that I barely have time to spend with family. Tsk!

I haven’t blog much or spend time in social media… where the hell did my time go???

No, don’t answer that. I’m just here to muse. Hopefully, I’ll be more active in the days to come.

Author: Jessica E. Larsen

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24 thoughts on “Wish me luck!

  1. Hey Jessica! Maybe you just need to take a short break from writing completely, kind of forget about it for a while and concentrate on other things. Then figure out a schedule that will work for you, might take a few tries to get the schedule right, but you’ll figure it out. Look at me, a non writer trying to give advice to a real writer!😂😹🙄

      1. Yeah, kind of a writer,🤔 but not a real published writer.😁 Good idea, take whatever time you need and you’ll be back flying again!😃😺

  2. Where does the time go Jessica. At the end of many days I find myself asking the same questions.
    Writers need to learn to be masters of time management to juggle all of the things they need to accomplish.

  3. Hi Jessica✨ Shit happens, sometime 😉 You can always do it. It is there right there, somewhere under your pillow or bed, yes, that’s your plan for the day 😀 Let’s do it 🙋💪 How can I be idle, when my motivator wants a wishes.. Best Best Wishes Jessica, You can do it… Let’s make some changes today. 😉 🙂

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