Why Am I so unlucky?

The first time I ever bought a modern cellphone was back in 2014 (you know, the one you regularly see ever since touch screens arrive? Yeah, that.) I know it was normal already to have touch screens that year but for me having a smartphone in my hand was amazing!

I took pictures, go to the internet using my phone, took pictures, lots of pictures and then it was time to upgrade the software. When it was done, all the photos were gone.


I was in despair, to say the least.

We did everything to recover the files, went back to the store, get the phone check but there was no way to get it back. Back then no one told me about recovery apps, if I did I would have tried it.

This month, I decided to start writing a dystopian novel I titled Perfectly Imperfect. I got the idea three years back and started making notes using S Memo in my smartphone. Today, after writing the first chapter, I decided to open my phone and check the notes but the bomb went boom inside my head. The program said that I have no single notes saved.

I did not panic right away. I download the recovery program, install it and scan my phone, but the program couldn’t read it. I could go on but there’s a chance that problematic stuff will happen to my phone, so I back off.

I spend many hours trying to find another way to recover my files. Not only for Perfectly Imperfect notes but also because of other important notes for other stories. I’ve written practically the whole outline (start to finish) of three books in there. Minimum!

Am I going crazy right now? No, no, no… I’m beyond that.

I have so much emotion swirling around inside me right now I don’t what I’m feeling.

So please excuse me, if I won’t be around much the next few days. I need to find my restart buttons.

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  1. By the time Alice, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare showed up to the tea party, all the tea was gone because Lolsy’s Library (also known as Tipsy’s Waiting Room) had drunk all the tea with her one cup.

  2. I mean maybe it’s because you’re just not a nice person? You just literally called climate protesters “annoying”. SO why do you think you deserve anything good?
    I would like to introduce you to some people you seem to have forgotten about.

    Harriet Tubman

    Rosa Parks

    The Suffragettes


    Martin Luther King Jr

    Jesus Christ

    Every SINGLE one of these people were arrested and/or beaten at some point. Because people like you found them “bothersome”. In fact, half of these people were shot and killed because people like you found them “bothersome”. We didn’t get where we are today, because these people were all “quiet and good” They got where we are today, because they caused disruption. 

    1. Since you’re very eager to have an argument with me and you went so far as to browse through my blog to find a post where you can throw insults, I’ll repeat what I replied you in that Country Bumpkin’s post.

      The fact that you can’t write just one reply, but three (and now repeat yourself here) proves enough that you’re more emotional than me and completely in panic.
      I’m not against protester, and I admire people who fight for the environment. I simply don’t like that specific teen who people like you praise as if she deserves the world.
      There are so many other kids around the world who do so much more for the environment but no one heard of them. And it’s a sad thing that you don’t understand Swedish because the whole thing about her was planned by adult people in a organization behind her. The whole thing is not her idea like she claims.
      Sorry miss fanatic but I’m only sharing my opinion. I’m here to blog not fight. You won’t be receive any more reply from me after this since seem determine to judge me.

      1. Jessica, you can tell that the commenter above you there has an exceptionally big mouth and an exceptionally small brain.

        Just look at the size of the tea cup she’s holding in her profile pic.

  3. Content Creator problems, geeze. Am glad you let go and I have a feeling, you are going to come up with a better and more interesting storyline. Go get them 👊

  4. Oh, my! I’m sorry to hear about this unfortunate incident. That’s where I love my IOS. It saves automatically on my ICloud. I think Samsung has their version of Cloud too. I stop writing on my Samsung because I can not upgrade it anymore but I used Samsung Kies when I was back up my files.

    1. Yes, Samsung has icloud too but I deactivated it from my phone. Stupid me. On the other side, I can’t cry over it because the email I used stopped working so it probably won’t matter. I’m getting over it now. I have too

  5. HI Jessica, I know how you feel, it happened to me but with my computer and I lost everything. I even got an expert to look at it and he couldn’t retrieve my info. Lost some important stuff and I learned the value of a backup which I didn’t have. I would suggest 2 different external backup sources such as the cloud and an external harddrive or 2 external hardrives. That way there is little chance of losing everything. And if it’s very important, store the external harddrive in a fireproof box/safe. Hope you can eventually retrieve your info.

    1. I’m giving up on the notes now. I’ve done everything. Yes, the most stupid the whole thing is I did not make the backup. But compared to you I seem to have it better. Sorry to hear about that 🙁

  6. sorry to hear about this, friend 🙁 Nangyari rin sa akin, sa tablet naman. Nasira ang WiFi ng tablet ko, so ni-reset ang factory settings, nalimutan ko yung notes ko 🙁

    1. Mabuti nga sana kung ako yung may kasalanan friend, wala eh, hindi ko sila binura. Basta na lang silang nawala sa cellphone ko ng walang dahilan.

  7. Oh damn! This is so frustrating I can imagine😕 It is weird! So rare that all information disappear, S memo means Samsung so have you tried from your samsung account?
    Hope you will recover your information 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. I hope too but I’m not sure I have a Samsung account. I’m beating myself right not making backups. ugh

        1. I’m not sure Samsung can, but I regret deactivating it so much. Yes, I have an account but I deactivated it from my phone. On the otherside, I can’t cry over it too because the email I used stopped working so it probably won’t matter. I’ve been asking around the whole day. No luck. But I’m alright, I’m a fast healer. I’m getting over it already only 3 complete book outlines and more notes 😭
          No, seriously, I’m better. I have to get over it sooner or later. I chose sooner.

          1. It’s okay, we learn, I personally don’t trust technology, still prefer old school sometimes: pen and papers or a word file saved in many places
            Glad you’re better but still I hope you will retrieve your work 🙏🏻

          2. Totally agree with you, Huguette. Nothing is better than written words on paper. 😀
            I’m not losing all hope yet myself, I just don’t want to expect a lot.

    1. I still my cellphone Flor, but the files are gone. Deleted without me doing it. Ugh, why did I not make back-up! SO stupid of me 🙁

      1. aww.. that’s frustrating.. Bugs is frustrating.. 🙁
        do you have the SD card?
        maybe an expert can still retrieved that.
        I believed. 😇

        1. The files were not save in the sd card so there’s nothing to get from it. I already did everything I can, but no worries Flor, everything is alright now. If I can retrieve it great. If I can’t I’ll manage. I will not let it ruin my mood. 🙂

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I hope I can get them back, but I’m losing hope. I did save them but I have no back-ups so when it disappears (deleted without my knowledge) I have nothing left.

  8. Reboot and try to have some sort of iCloud backup!
    I’m not that good with technology either, so I send my stuff by email

    1. Thanks Lynyo. I wish it was that simple. But I’m having a hell because I don’t have any kind of back-up 🙁

        1. Oh yes, that’s the first thing I did. Plus the program I downloaded was in the pc and I had to debug it so that deleted files can be read. But I’m over it now. I’ve done everything I can, so I’m moving on.

          1. I’m so sorry, try to make a discipline of sending everything by email! There you have a double back up

          2. Thanks Lynyo <3 I'm tired of beating myself but yeah, it was really dumb that I did not take precaution and back up my notes :(

          3. Aw thanks Luke! I know I can always depend on you for compliments. Haha 😀
            Seriously cariño put the whiskey down, your Milky is going to be jealous if you mistake her for me. 😂
            And thank you for finding ways to cheers me up 😊

          4. Jajaajaja don’t worry Milky, that’s why I only procure unique people, such as your self, so I don’t make that mistake!
            However, you are absolutely right on the whiskey!!
            Of course querida, so you can keep smiling! 😉🤫

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