When in France

Véritable andouillette… sounds nice? If you ever encounter this in any French menu, I suggest you to stay away from it, unless you know what it means or what this food is. Some for sure have this as their favorite and god, I was excited when I pointed it to the waiter.

If you’re one of my Instagram followers you’re probably aware that I was on road trip through Europe from Feb. 14 to 19. We started in Norway and by Feb 17, we were in France. After being on the road 3 days and 2 nights, I was looking forward to a good meal and a good night sleep on a proper bed. We found a cozy hotel in a charming town of Narbonne.

We chose a beautiful restaurant not far from where we stayed. We could have gone farther but the cool night was perfect for walking.

And so we sat down. And hello, Véritable andouillette was the first thing that caught my eyes. This meal cost more than their beefsteak.

I always find it funny when people order a wrong food in France. I never expected it to happen to me. Haha 😀 

The picture looked so good, however, when it was in front of me, doubts crept in. Still, I tried to eat it, comforted myself that the sauce, the fries, and the salad was excellent. I did my best to get it inside me but my god the smell! What is it with the smell? I thought a short time before I nearly puke. When the chef came and speak to us, I decided to ask (using google translate – because they were bad in English) what is the food made of? Is it meat? The kind chef nodded his head and typed some words on my cellphone. The translation confirmed all my suspicions. The roll was made of guts.

I lost all my appetite. I even decided to open a canned food when we get back to our hotel but my husband spoke to the waiter and it’s a good thing that the restaurant has good service and replaced my food.

10 thoughts on “When in France

  1. Guts… No. I too would decline. I’m a fussy eater so ineed to know what im eating. I dont trust my adventurous husband, he. made me eat slimy snails. The garlic sauce could not redeem it. 😔

    1. I guess every country has something. In the Philippines, we have something called “Dinuguan” or “Blood stew” made from pork blood and inside. I ate it when I was a kid but never really understood the underlying strangeness. I did not hate it but did not like it either. And when I come to understand that the word “Blood” really means blood, I stopped eating it.

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