What’s a home?

“Home isn’t where you live. It’s who you are with. “

Happy weekend everyone ❣️

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30 thoughts on “What’s a home?

    1. 😍 Beautiful! Can I please have your permission to put this quote in an image and share it? It will be credited to you and link back to your blog.

    1. Thanks Hug! <3
      Can you please give me the link? I tried to think back to all the post I've read from you and some of them fit but not quite. I also search your blog but gave up, it's too hard to figure it out from the title and the excerpt.
      Oh well, if it's in your blog I'll find it. I'm sure I'll be reading your older post later but I don't really have today.

      1. Oh well you will not find it here, so sweet of you to search 😊 it’s not published it’s a part of a story that I didn’t publish (and will not do) just few lines in a post called β€œTouch Of love” on February 14
        I might publish some love things but don’t know when

        1. Oh… so that’s why. In that case, I’ll be waiting for Feb 14. 😊
          Love the title already. Touch Of Love…

          1. Thanks Hug! Can’t believe I missed that while browsing your titles. Read it later.

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