Wednesday Writing

If photographer, picture artist…okay let’s include everyone (myself occasionally) have wordless Wednesday, I’m going to use Wednesday for my writing.

AKA: Shameless promotion 😅


Okay let’s get down to business.

I’m one of those writers who thrive writing from challenge. See Wolf Mountain and You’re Mine.

I’m also a subscriber of Reedsy Prompts, but last week for the first time I submitted a story for their true story challenge for valentines. I chose the plot:

“Write about a secret that you’ve never told to the person you love.”

My entry is titled: I’m Sorry”

I’m fated to embarrassed myself in front of my crushes. The most horrible was in fifth grade. I was eleven and a transfer student in Negros Occidental, Philippines. At this stage everyone has already established friendship with everyone, and it was awkward being the transferee. I become subject for bullying, but I’m no damsel in distress. Oh, I fight back like a tiger…

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Thank you 😘 

And Goodnight (5am here. And I haven’t slept yet. I’m crazy. I know! 😂 )

17 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing

  1. Happy to see your post in WordPress Jenny. I am having very busy schedule nowadays that I couldn’t find time for WordPress. And you know WordPress is time consuming indeed. I am following your insta and fb posts frequently and enjoying your write ups. That is awesome.😊😊💖

    1. Thanks for dropping by Olivia ❤ It’s been a bit lonely to not have you around. But I completely understand. It’s very time consuming to blog. Sometimes I wish I can duplicate myself 😂
      Thanks for still keeping up with me elsewhere 😊

      1. Sure Jenny. I always want to read your post. But being a student still I can’t find time to be in such a big family of WordPress. Will catch you up in all other medias even if I left WordPress. 😊💞😌

  2. Beautiful but sad story! I can imagine the feelings 💕 I wonder what will happen if Jessica and Christian would meet as adults 🤔💕
    Sorry but I can’t like or comment as I need to sign up ☹️

    1. No problem Ribby. Thanks for reading 😘
      If we meet as adults, then I guess I have to tell him how sorry I am because I must have embarrassed and him so much for what I’ve done 🙁 But I don’t think I’ll ever admit ever loving him.

  3. Great story, Jessica.

    I didn’t comment or like because I’d have to log in and sign up to do that.

    And I’m one of these people who don’t like to fill out forms- especially for social media sites.

    It’s interesting that you grew up on Palawan the long small island close to Borneo.

    No wonder we share a similar sense of humour.

    When I was at the Xanga blogging site, most of my friends there were from Sarawak the Malaysian province on the island of Borneo.

    And all of them were descended from the Iban – the orignal headhunters and cannibals.

    Ever since they became Christian, they’re no longer like that.

    My friend Sherry who lives in Bavaria is Iban.

    You couldn’t ask for a nicer friend.

    Your family was just trying to scare you with tales of cannibalism.

    1. See, the adults were right! They are cannibals 😨 😂
      Yes, I remember Sherry. You wrote a poem about her once. A beautiful one.
      Well, I know about them trying to scare us kids but that was completely unfair 😂

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