Waving June Goodbye

Hello everyone! Just 2 days left and it’s July, so it’s hot, hot, HOT here on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. I’m willing to share some of this heat for a late Spring temperature hu hu hu…
So here’s the number 1 hottest news. Even though motherhood (and other life crisis) had substantially decreased my time and inspiration to write, I have two ongoing stories that I will be sharing online.
One is titled More Than Hate which I’ll be posting in both Radish Fiction and Wattpad. A story of Kamala, a Filipina prostitute who fell in love with a man who only has his eyes for her secretly bitchy coworker. Not that Kamala would take it laying down of course. This is a “cellphone novel” novel, so every chapter is only 250 or fewer words (about a page).


The second book is a Filipino romcom about a snobbish 19-year-old who fell in love with her college professor. She a bit of a bitch who doesn’t care even if the guy has a girlfriend as long she gets him. This will only be in Wattpad under the title “I bet, in-love din siya sa akin”.

Both of the stories are written in first POV. It will be live July 1, 19:00UTC at Radish and Wattpad. It will be updated weekly (unless my inspiration runs out). Note: These stories are draft version so expect typos and (possibly a lot of) grammar mistakes.


News no. 2! I’ll be joining Smashwords Summer Sale starting July 1! And the following title will be free to download.

For English stories: Making Him Fall, Sly Prince, and What Took You So Long ~ Minsan Pa and Someone to Care for Filipino/Taglish

I’ll greatly appreciate it if you can help me share the words out! Till next time <3

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