Unplanned post

I made a mistake yesterday. I posted a music post which was meant for today. 😭 So I decided to give you something new…

Actually not very new, I’ve been thinking about if for a while, just never did anything about it until now. I’ve been making voice journal, and today, I decided to be a little braver and share it.

I hope my nervousness isn’t too obvious haha 😂

Geez I have goosebumps all over while listening to my own voice. Thank goodness there’s no video.

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It’s 4am so I’m off to sleep.

Have a great Monday!

Author: Jessica E. Larsen

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17 thoughts on “Unplanned post

  1. Very well done Jessica! It was great to hear your voice! I can understand being nervous, doing my first video and talking on it was terrible, but I hope to keep on with it anyway. Good luck with your book, I just can’t imagine writing something like that, out of my category for sure. Hope you see the sun soon!😀🌞😸

  2. Well Jess, big congratulations to you! I’m so shy that not only I couldn’t do a video but not even recording my voice 😂 Every-time I have the occasion to hear my voice I feel is not mine 😂😂
    Perfectly imperfect and what a great subject! I cannot wait to read it 😉
    For one that English is her second language, you did so well 😉 for me is my third so you can imagine 😂😂🤪🤪
    Very well done Jess! I’ve really enjoyed listening to your voice 😉🤗💕🧸

  3. This is a good idea to hear your lovely voice. Best of luck with your book, and I kinda envy you that you live in Spain.
    I’m shy too so I know recording your voice isn’t an easy task

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