Under the Mask

This was first posted in Borrow the Lyrics but a year since it was posted, I think the story deserved its own post.

*Under the Mask*

Anywhere he goes, people step aside. Parting like an ocean giving way to the king. Except he’s not treated with kindness. Because he’s always covered in cut and bruises.

“They should put that delinquent to jail,” said one of the women to her friend.

“Yes, he give this neighborhood a bad name.”

Yes, just like that everyone judged him, they hate how he wore those signs of beating like a badge, annoyed that he still walks with head held up high. The moment he saw me, he smiled. 

I greeted him with a hug and let him buried his face on the crook of my neck. I caressed his back.

His shoulder trembled. “I want to do so much. I feel so powerless.”

“You take the beating for your younger sister, and I think that’s a brave thing.”

“One day, I’ll give her the justice she deserves. I’ll make everyone see what a monster they are.”

In the meantime, he’s sacrificing himself. This boy that everyone thinks is a devil, was an angel in disguise. And no matter what they say, I’ll be here for him because only I know the real him, this strong but fragile man that will forever be ruling my heart.

The song below inspired this story.

Header art © by Valentina-Remenar

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27 thoughts on “Under the Mask

    1. Hello Chiru ❤️ Yes, it’s a long time! It’s maybe why your comment winds up in my spam 😀
      I’m fine. I hope the same goes for you and your loved ones.

    1. Thanks Lyn, my internet speed is killing me right now (2kbps) so I can barely see any post. So I’ll head over and read it later.

  1. Great Story… and a powerful one, what a twist ✍️ That was an awesome writing… You are rocking ✨ Have a wonderful July end, Jessica 🤗

    1. Same to you Simon. This was written thanks to you who nominated me for “borrow the Lyrics” last year. But I’m a rebel so I wrote this haha 😄

    1. Thank you so much Jim ❤
      Yeah, true colors really suit the them. Often we only see what’s outside when in fact inside hides a lot more colorful stories.

    1. Thanks Ribby ❤
      True people should mind their own business. But I never intended to make it sounds like an advice though. I only wanted to vent out some steam 😄

    1. Exactly. That was my motivation when I wrote this story. Thanks for reading Drew 💞

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