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Tuesday Teaser

Sorry guys if I have been a bit inactive since weekend and going to be worse. I’ve been busy packing for a week long road trip across Europe.

From Spain to Norway.

Joke, it’s not that bad as the meme, but close.

So before I skip to do more chores. I’ll share some of my most decent book character artwork. They are from my Filipino series “A French FairyFail

Liberty Roxas – A sheltered and naive 23 year old. She went to France and stayed with her aunt hoping to find her Prince Charming just like in fairytales.

Alexandro “Lex” Perrault. Lex hates women like Liberty the most and can’t stand the fact that she’s in love with his best friend. Being in the same house as her made it worse. He made sure to be torn in her side until the hate was mutual…

and so they coexist like mortal enemies and burn the house down. 😏

Thanks for reading!

I’ll read your blogs again after this work is over. 😘 


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