Tuesday Teaser #2

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Efrain reached out for the empty saucer in Kiyumi’s hand, cleared away the shopping bags, and leaned over to kiss her, deepening it when she closed her eyes and allowed him to pull her close. They were both gasping for air when he let her go and just by looking in her eyes, he could tell that they had both reached their limit. Efrain tucked a wayward strand of Kiyumi’s hair behind her ear and planted another light kiss on her lips. He gathered the bags from the ground and offered her his other hand. “I’ll drive you home.”

Kiyumi let him help her up and hold her hand all the way back to his car. But before he could enter the car, Kiyumi grabbed the hem of his shirt from behind. “I don’t want to go home. I want you to bring me to your home.”

Efrain gritted his teeth and combed his finger through his hair, frustrated. Damn it! He wanted her, but he knew that once he took her, he would no longer be able to let her go.

He looked back and used his thumb and index finger to lift Kiyumi’s chin. “Take it back now, or I no longer will care about dragging you in the dark. I’ll make you mine and never let go, even if you regret it.”

Kiyumi took his hand from her chin and placed her cheek on his open palm, and then she looked at him with determined eyes. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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11 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser #2

  1. That was some romantic piece with a touch of passion! I thought it was you in the picture Jess haaha
    Glad you were able to share a new post after the phone problem <3

    1. Thanks Hug! But there’s no way I’m putting my picture into my fictions haha 😀 that would feel so odd.
      I can’t keep dwelling and let what happened to my phone drag me down. This teaser has been ready since last year so even if I hadn’t lost my notes I still will be able to post this. For now though I’m sticking to pen and paper or directly on my pc. No phone notes for now haha 😀

      1. and why not huh? If it’s a good story then no harm 🙄
        oh yes pen and paper and many back up plans are great for now hahah

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