Traumatizing movie

The Omen Trilogy may not be the most scariest movie out there, but just the trailer bring out the underlying fear inside me. I was unable to sleep properly for months after being force to watch the 3 movies at the age of 5.

Yes, I was 5 years old when the church my parents belong decided to “show” us kids what will happen soon. In fact the 666 movement was already in Borneo and will soon move on Palawan where my family lived.

I did understand English then but I understood the horrifying scenes in the movie. I curse the adults who let me experience something that traumatizing.

Luckily I seem to be the only kid who was terrified because everyone else was too busy being a kid to pay attention to the movies. How I wish, I did the same.

20 thoughts on “Traumatizing movie

  1. This is a scary movie indeed, but who on earth would force a 5yr old kid to watch this,πŸ˜’ and tat too from a church is really shocking😲 Sad to see such people exists🀦 Life isnt fair with all, your pasts are the one that made you a stronger, wiser Jessica today. Thanks for sharing, we wouldve never known such things happened on this earth😐. Wish you a wonderful weekend βœ¨πŸ€—

  2. I don’t know the movies but who can force a 5 years old to watch something like this? Of course the church! Sigh…πŸ˜’
    You were to adult for your 5 years old dear Jess…πŸ’•πŸ€—

    1. Thanks Ribby ❀️ Life was not kind to me in my childhood. I guess taking care of my father and my brother who suffered from malaria at 3, and with nothing to eat almost the whole day (plus losing that brother) force me to be more mature than my peers.
      But as you said, church… sigh. πŸ˜”

      1. My friend Sherry who now lives in Germany that I once told you about- she was born and raised in the Malaysian province of Sarawak on the island of Borneo.

        I wonder if she remembers that movement at all. πŸ€”

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