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Traces of You

It’s been so long since we parted
But the memory of it
Felt like it was just yesterday 
Your smile haunts me to this day

Days, weeks, years pass by in darkness
Between us, I’m the moon
You’re the sun
Without you I can’t shine

Your clothes, your gifts
Everything that reminds me of you
They’re all here with me
I can’t let them go

Traces of you are treasure
Stuff that makes everyday bearable. 
The day you left felt like hell
The last smile you gave cursed me 

Death is a double edge sword 
It’s brings both joy and misery 
Now that I’m where you are were
The agony seems worth it

I can once again see your smile
I made you wait all these time 
Who am I to refuse now that
you’re here to invite me over

First posted at Cafè Jessica https://cafejessica.wordpress.com/tag/traces-of-you-poem-series/


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