Tuesday Teaser: Sly Prince

“That’s her, Mr. Policeman! That’s the girl who tried to steal my wallet!”

“Miss, could you please turn around?” the policeman said.

Blaze grimaced. Using the elastic band which he always had around his wrist, he bundled his long hair into a low ponytail and turned around. He glanced at the police officer who seemed taken aback when he smiled and faced the woman with an I’m innocent look in his eyes. “I’m sorry, miss, but you are mistaken. I’m a boy, you see.”

The woman studied him for a second then shook her head. She turned to the policeman. “No, I’m sure it’s him.”

“But you said it was a girl,” the police officer said, completely fooled by Blaze’s façade.

The woman frowned. “Well, look at him! Anyway, I’m sure that he’s the one. He’s wearing the same clothes and has the same face.”

“Boy, you’re not lying, right?”

Blaze faced the police officer confidently. “Of course not! I wouldn’t dare lie to a policeman.” He laughed inwardly. Yeah, right!

“He’s obviously lying!” The woman pointed. “Why don’t you check him, Mr. Policeman? He could be hiding more wallets. He could be a girl for all we know.”

 “You’ve got a point.” The police officer looked him up and down from head to toe. “You won’t mind if I check, right?”

Blaze had hidden his newly collected wallets in a place where no one would put their hands in public, but the odd spark in the police officer’s eyes made Blaze nervous. Before he knew it, he was sprinting at full speed with the police officer on his tail.

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