The Sauvage Domicile

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When 2019 started I promised myself to read one book a month and The Sauvage Domicile is not the book I was planning to read in January but the moment I was given a time-limited credit, this was the first one I chose to buy. I wanted to wait after I finished the one I’m currently reading but curiosity got the best of me. The second book left me hanging with heart all broken with the way it ended. As hard as I try I was unable to resist the urge to open the book and as expected it stole all the glory of the other books I’m currently reading. I never read a book this length so quick before.

The 3rd book of this highly emotional dystopian made me recover from the heartache the second book’s ending. I fell in love with U’s character more than B. When the secrets were revealed, I hope and hope that he would turn around and change his mind, but even when he didn’t I can’t shake the feelings I’ve developed throughout the book. But I agree with Q’s decision in the end, I think what she did was for the best.

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The Revolution just entered the wild. Q’s escape from the Vrai Domicile was supposed to be the final spark to ignite the people. But that spark was doused by a sacrifice that threatens to destroy her. Now Q must forge a new path. Led deep into the woods to find the elusive Transients, she must not only protect those who escaped the Sixth Domicile with her, but also align with Transients who have their own plans of warfare. And their war calls for more death and destruction than Q ever thought possible. As Q unites both Transient and Domicilian, she quickly realizes that even in the wilderness, no one is free. They must take the fight back to the Domicile. But this war brings with it more secrets, heartbreaking betrayals, and even worse sacrifices, as Q fights to protect her people from Elders who always seem to be one step ahead. The face of the Revolution has changed. Q has entered the sauvage – a place she isn’t sure she can survive.

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