The Retreat by Yeyet Soriano

I’ve read one reviewer saying that “somewhat had flat characters” but I didn’t want to believe it. The first book I’ve read from Yeyet is her #romanceclass novella Kate, Finally and the characters… ah… let’s just say that they put me in a rollercoaster ride of emotion.

The Retreat did the same just better. The surprises and twist in the story was superb. I can’t get enough. Reading The Retreat is like reading mystery in a mystery itself.

Do I make sense? 

The book ends with a kind of closures for everyone but the stories inside the story (again, haha, sorry but you’ll understand once you read the book) makes me hunger for more. One day I’ll definitely order the rest of the series.

On the last note. No matter the reasons why Maggie and Julian can’t be together romantically, I’m a a fan who roots for them and hope that they’ll one fall in-love.

Below is my first ever video reading a short except of this book. Please forgive my stuttering and mistake. I was quite nervous and that was the best out of I how many take I did.


What would you be willing to do to secure a publication deal of a lifetime from the biggest publisher in the country?

The challenge: You have to write a true-to-life crime story set in the Philippines. The case should not be completely resolved. At least 75 percent of the manuscript needs to be completed within thirty days. You have to be willing to go on a week-long writers’ retreat in an undisclosed location to discuss your manuscript and be critiqued by the other participants. Afterward, you have to be ready to revise and edit the manuscript for final publication.

The prize: Enough money to retire and just write with a guaranteed platform for release locally and internationally.
The catch: You can’t breathe a word to anyone. Post anything on social media and you are out. You will be asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement and a release that removes any responsibility from the organizers should anything untoward happens to you. You will not be allowed to bring any gadgets to the retreat. You will be completely cut off.

So . . . are you game?

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