Micro Fiction

The “L” for you and me

“L is the letter I can’t live without,” you told me that warm spring evening. You tucked my wavy hair behind my ears. “Because L is for Lucia,” you went on looking at me with so much passion I felt my heart melt, my knees weak and all my senses awaken. “It’s for lucky, like, love…” you brushed your lips to mine and took my breath away as you murmured, “Lust,” before fully claiming my lips.

It’s been some time since then. And here’s what I think. L is for listless, loneliness but most of all longing because I can no longer feel you in my arms.

L is me loathing the heavens for allowing fate to make me unable to say how much you completed my day and that I’m in love with you…

Gosh, I’m more emotionally affected by this microfic than I wish to be. So sorry if I just ruined your Monday by sharing this on the first weekday.

Still, please like it if you did. Shares and feedbacks are much appreciated and I hope to see you again! ♡

Thank you for reading!


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