The first man I idolized

Growing up, the man who inspired me the most was Ernie Baron, a man known as “Ka Ernie” (Ka for Kapatid. Kapatid meaning brother/sister (depending on the gender of the subject) it generally means sibling in Filipino)

He was also known as “The Walking Encyclopedia” 

I listened to him since I was 5 years old until my puberty. The one word he taught me the most is “Knowledge is Power” which was also the title of his educational radio program back when he was alive.

Some people mocked him, but I’m sure he was an idol of many more.

Today marks the 15th year since he died. And I want to honor him for being a big part of my childhood and thank him for all the knowledge and inspiration he shared to me.

Rest in peace, Ka Ernie!

Author: Jessica E. Larsen

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13 thoughts on “The first man I idolized

    1. Haha 😄 Yes, kids need more knowledge so that they won’t feel lost when they decide to explore the world outside their parents’ home.

      And thank you, I’ve had fun reading about Francis Bacon 🥰

    1. He was. 😁 Knowledge is power and so I hit the library every day. Hopefully, I lived up to the expectation. 😂

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