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Post by mistake

When your scheduled post messed up and it’s too late to change it because people already started liking and commenting, what’s your reaction? Mine? Cuddle…

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Cuddles are treats

It’s late autumn againWinter is coming closerAnd Orion is in the sky againWinking and flirting  I can feel the chilly airConstantly nearBut this is great Because…

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Jessica e larsen, Christmas
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Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Prep Start!

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Jessica E Larsen - Jessica Larsen
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It’s a question of perspective

A friend stepped inside the house. My husband asked him, “How’s the weather?” Our friend replied, “Snow is filling up. It’s plain evil.” My husband…

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Lovely but Guilty

There one thing I learned from leaving in Europe for 14 years. Four seasons are fun and annoying at times. I’m a tropical girl but…

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