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99 words prompt #3

β€œWho want avocado?” I asked one day.
My husband smiled. I already expected it when he joked, β€œAh that tasteless fruit?”
I used to have friendly banter with him about it. Avocado is one of my favorite fruits. I won’t let anyone make fun of it. However, today I only made a face…

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I'm addicted
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I’m an addict!

Yes sir, I am! And if that’s a crime then arrest me because I won’t let go of this drug! A substance called writing. 😁…

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truth is a lie
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Truth is a lie (#1)

Un Jin-Hwan gazed at the giant trees in front of him and frown at the unexplainable feeling which spread in his chest. He lost his…

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Your smile

Out of all the gift, mine was the cheapest. It has no value compare to everything you received. But the child like smile you gave…

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The beauty we see

‘m supposed to post something else today, but I’m running out of idea and been lack of sleep the last weeks. So here’s a micro fiction inspired by this picture…

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