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beautiful tears
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Short Saturday

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Stay positive

New dawn, New beginning. Life keeps going.

Finally done with most busy time of my job (for now). Happy to get back to reading more blog and…

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I'm addicted
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I’m an addict!

Yes sir, I am! And if that’s a crime then arrest me because I won’t let go of this drug! A substance called writing. 😁…

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12-words story #005

I hate having weaknesses, but I am what am because of it.

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Special Sunday

Makulit is a Tagalog word for bothersome. But unlike bothersome, makulit is use with endearment for friends and family. Simon over at Penning Thoughts is…

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Word challenge: Pique

You know the feeling when everything seems meaningless? Have you ever felt it?

I’m a healthy nineteen-year-old boy, wait, a handsome nineteen-year-old Filipino man, hehe, and that’s exactly what I was feeling when a chicken gave me “the look” I’m not joking!

I was sitting on the park bench watching people skittering from each other and give that awkward smile. Social distancing has made a lot of people paranoid, even a loner like me want to cringe at how uncomfortable everyone…

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Tonight and forever
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Tonight and forever

I’ve always look at the brightness of the sun, watching it rise and set on the horizon with satisfaction, yet tonight with her beside me, her…

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Six words story #002

Simple moments are time worth treasuring.

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12-words story #004

He got the brightest smile, but I see the shadow behind it.

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Under the Mask

Anywhere he goes, people step aside. Parting like an ocean giving way to the king. Except he’s not treated with kindness. Because he’s always covered in cut and bruises.

“They should put that delinquent to jail,” said one of the women to her friend.

“Yes, he give this neighborhood a bad name.”

Yes, just like that everyone judged him, they hate how he wore those signs of beating like a badge, annoyed that he still walks with…

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His eyes
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12-words story #003

His eyes are like the wind, unseen,

yet feeling it caressing me.

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Something More

I have no idea if he ever felt the same, but at some point, I’ve grown out from being a childhood friend into wanting something…

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