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Moonlight Shadow

When the night is darkBut the moon is brightEverything feels rightBecause you’re holding my hand at the shadow of the moonlight  The song below was inspire…

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Bundle of joy

Orion, my little bundle of joy. He brings lots of happiness, but also lots of stress and eat up my time.  I can write when he’s asleep, but when…

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You dare

How dare you kick me when I’m downOne day when I get to the topI’ll stomp on you with the force of an elephantI’ll make sure…

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More than today

I love you more today than yesterday And I always feel like I’ve reached the maxBut everyday I find myself mistaken. Word of the Day Challenge:…

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dying inside
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I’m Dying

Torn between two choices

I’m hesitant to choose

The one that promise the best

Is something I know, I’ll hate

My brain is telling me go

But my heart saying no

I’m stuck in a whirlwind…

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He sang like an angel.

Every word has feelings

Each word makes me fall

Nice and slow

but steady and true

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I may seem like an easy target

But don’t try me.

I’m been trampled, beaten, broken.

I survived. You can’t break me.

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Too Much

I hate it

when we fight

It’s too painful

to cry…

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