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Celebrating 20 years!

I’ve never been impressed with church weddings. My dream back when I started thinking about love was a garden wedding. I won’t be wearing a…

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12-words story #007: Candlelights 2

You dare challenge me? Music and candlelights? Ha! Where? I’ll be there. …Read here for part 1 Happy Valentines! 🥰 Copyright © All rights reserved. Like my…

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12-words story #006: Candlelights 1

I challenge you! You, me, music and candlelights. What do you say?

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I’ve never heard what angels sound like, but if I’m to explain it, the girl that sings with such soothing voice sounds just like one….

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beautiful tears
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Short Saturday

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9 to 5 Morning Train

Oh my gosh, the singer looks like a doll! Love her blue outfit, but more than anything I’ve been in love with her voice since…

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Heath Ledger sings “can’t take my eyes off you”

Long before he become Joker, he becomes every girl’s dream. I’m glad not seeing 10 things I hate about you when I was a teenager….

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silent sunday poem
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Silent Sunday

When I’m with you,
I get lost in the moment every time
You may not know it but
As we say goodbye I count the hours
Wishing for the time I can be with you again

Waiting for you to say you feel the same
Feels like forever.
I’m not a patient person and that Sunday…

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When love walked in

For the first time, I decided to collect a Youtube playlist for a novel I’m currently writing “In Another Time” And one of these songs…

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Time heals, they say. It’s true, but some pain leaves a huge scar that hurts each time I see it. I’ve done so many things…

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Love to hate

Remember my post last month about blast from the past? Well, here’s part 2. Blast from the past II I loved you once decades agoA…

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Hopeful not hopeless

 … You should change from a “hopeless romantic” to hopeful romantic.  That’s what Buddy71 from Hummings told me in one of Steve’s blog post. This…

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