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Love to hate

Remember my post last month about blast from the past? Well, here’s part 2. Blast from the past II I loved you once decades agoA…

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Go ahead, ignore me. Shoo!

I don’t participate in follow for follow (especially with blogging) but I usually follow back anyone who got a couple of contents that seem interesting…

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12-words story #001

I don’t like posting more than once a day, but after seeing an infuriating video of a father hurting his baby girl in a tiktok…

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One of the guys

After listening to one of the caller of DJ Chacha’s #hearbeats about her being “one of the boys” as her defense for sending a topless…

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Stop reading what you hate!

I LOVE READING BOOKS! I will be blogging a lot of book reviews and bookish stuff if I let myself go crazy, but I know…

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