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Nothing is for Certain

These past few days (weeks probably) I’ve been fighting one of the deadly enemy to human. A decease called depression, plus something known to women,…

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Traces of You

It’s been so long since we parted

But the memory of it

Felt like it was just yesterday

Your smile haunts me to this day

Days, weeks, years pass by in darkness

Between us, I’m the moon

You’re the sun

Without you I can’t shine

Your clothes, your gifts

Everything that reminds me of you

They’re all here with me

I can’t let them go

Traces of you are treasure

Stuff that makes everyday bearable.

The day you left felt like hell

The last smile you gave cursed me

Death is a double edge sword

It’s brings both joy and misery

Now that I’m where you are were

The agony seems worth it

I can once again see your smile

I made you wait all these time

Who am I to refuse now that

you’re here to invite me over

I can once again see your smile

I made you wait all these time

Who am I to refuse now that

you’re here to invite me over

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Sharing the love #2

I made a promise to myself to share my favorite post from other bloggers but since the first time I shared, I always ended up…

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Just Because

Just because I’m smilingdoesn’t mean I’m happyJust because I’m laughingdoesn’t I’m having the time of my life When someone cried in front of medoesn’t mean they’rethe victim…

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Silent Scream

It hurts. You know it hurtsWhen you’re watching comedy to forget the painWhen you’re on a brink of tearsBut you’re supposed to be laughing.When you’re laughing…

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Friends are Forever
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Friends Are Forever

If you’re one of those who make sure to read every post, I’m sure I overloaded you with yesterday x3 special awards post. Today, I’ll…

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This is for you
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This is for you

To everyone who read my poem

and send their best wishes

in this poem here

you’re the king and queen…

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dying inside
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I’m Dying

Torn between two choices

I’m hesitant to choose

The one that promise the best

Is something I know, I’ll hate

My brain is telling me go

But my heart saying no

I’m stuck in a whirlwind…

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Me to you [repost]

I no longer see anything because something just filled me inside I can’t think of anything elseOther than your voice in my mind Love me or…

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fly - poem
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I want to experience to fly,
Just like a bird in the sky.
I want to feel the wind in my wings,
Feel the moving air on my skin.

Impossible dream,
I know.
But to experience it,
Even once will be nice.

I wish I can fly over the sea,
Over peaks and valleys.
Enjoy the beauty,
Only flying can see.

The freedom that
Flying brings,
A dream
I wish can be a reality.

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Whenever a person feels the worse

They always feel better after talking to friends or family

Fresh air usually elevate the anxiety

A loved one’s smile elevates the pain inside

But what if it can’t?

What if nothing works

What if everything seem useless

Everything feels meaningless

A bucket of tears well inside

But there’s no tears in my eyes

I wish to speak but no words comes out

I want to smile but my lips are locked.

Depression is a terrible thing

You can’t touch it but you can feel

It’s impossible to hide from it

So, I’ll fight it. I will win over it.

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A joke

I told him I love you then laugh it off like a joke.

He said I love you too and my heart broke because it was a joke.

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