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    I’m Dying

    dying inside

    Torn between two choices I'm hesitant to choose The one that promise the best Is something I know, I'll hate My brain is telling me go But my heart saying no I'm stuck in a whirlwind...

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    Me to you [repost]

    I no longer see anything because something just filled me inside I can’t think of anything elseOther than your voice in my mind Love me or let me go, you saidI was a coward but hear this out I like you, I love you, I need you,This is the words I want you to know. © Yesika Forest

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    fly - poem

    I want to experience to fly, Just like a bird in the sky. I want to feel the wind in my wings, Feel the moving air on my skin. Impossible dream, I know. But to experience it, Even once will be nice. I wish I can fly over the sea, Over peaks and valleys. Enjoy the beauty,…

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    Whenever a person feels the worse They always feel better after talking to friends or family Fresh air usually elevate the anxiety A loved one's smile elevates the pain inside But what if it can't? What if nothing works What if everything seem useless Everything feels meaningless A bucket of tears well inside But there's no tears…

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    Tell Me

    Tell me If I’m wrong I’m sureYou’re my the one I feel fuzzyWhen I thinkAbout you I feel completeWhen I’m with you Tell me howCan I be wrong? I’m in cloud nineWhen I seeYour smile Just one wordFrom youAnd I’ll fly Whisper loveAnd I’m in heavenFor sure Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the week!

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    What makes poems special

    After reading this poem book review in Bookbed of How to Make a Salagubang Helicopter & Other Poems’ by Jim Pascual Agustin. I decided to post my view here (also posted as a comment in the original page) based on what the review wrote: It’s always tricky to read poetry, more so to read it for the…

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    Sharing the love #1

    Okay, I’m sure my post yesterday rubbed some bloggers the wrong way and sorry if it did, but I’m simply expressing my feelings. And speaking of expressing my feelings, today I wanted to share my most favorite post from other bloggers. Take notes, there are more but this is something I started collecting from mid-April (last month)…

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    Your smile

    Out of all the gift, mine was the cheapest. It has no value compare to everything you received. But the child like smile you gave when you got it was the sweetest. This warmth in my heart, your love, I hope I deserved it.