• Monday,  Music

    Bring it all back

    In the topic of “going back” from last week, here’s another song from my childhood. It got a really optimistic and motivating lyrics (below the video) When the world seems to get too tough Bring it all back to you Don’t stop, never give up Hold your head high and reach the top Let the world see…

  • Monday,  Music

    Going back

    My only post lately is too gloomy, it’s very unlike me, so let’s go back. Back to my positive side. Here’s 5,6,7,8 by Steps from 1998. A song that immediately drag me back to my childhood and make me want to dance cheerfully… Happy Monday! 😘 

  • Monday,  Music

    Never Be The Same Again

    Whoa! I didn’t know that a Spice girls member was the singer of this.😍 Yeah, yeah, I’ve live under a rock 😂 Lyrics: Come on Ooh, yeah Never be the same again I call you up whenever things go wrong You’re always there You are my shoulder to cry on I can’t believe it took me quite…

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    What a funny term. Never heard of this word or Rick Astley but hey, I love it. To be honest, I knew his songs, just the song, not the singer, but seeing him made me crush on him 😂 but I’m more addicted to his 80’s song especially these three one. If I watch them chronologically, it…

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    The me I never know

    My birthday is looming closer. My heart beating for a challenge I place myself. This song brought out melancholic emotions for that day. Below the video is the inspiration story it inspired. Hope you like 😀 My heart has been aching lately each time I see him. His midnight black hair replicates the darkness that take over…

  • Monday,  Music,  News

    Coward of the County

    “Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man” I got a new gimmick you guys! Monday is always about music for me, but instead of just sharing the songs, I’ll be including a short story or poem which I wrote while listening to it. So please watch out for anything with “inspired” in the title every Monday.…

  • Monday,  Music

    I want the same dress!

    I always pride myself for liking great music not because the singers looks good/charming/beautiful etc… but sorry to break that because the video below become very likeable to me, because… First…they look like barbies! Second, they’re fun to watch. Third and most important, I love their dress! I love how the string like skirt moved around the…

  • Monday,  Music

    Monday Music

    Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You is a song I feel in love with since the first time I heard it. But like many of my favorites it was only around 2006, during my early twenties, and about 20 years later after this song was released, that I got to see the video. And embarrassing as…