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Sometimes I sit still and drift awayTo the world free of troubleA planet where crimeis nothing but a myth Sometimes I gazed into the nightAnd…

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Just Nothing

When cold winds blowWe all feel itWhen problem dropsWe often hide it It’s a hard game to playTo stay smilingWhile inside you’re breakingAnd nothing seems to matter…

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Post by mistake

When your scheduled post messed up and it’s too late to change it because people already started liking and commenting, what’s your reaction? Mine? Cuddle…

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Cuddles are treats

It’s late autumn againWinter is coming closerAnd Orion is in the sky againWinking and flirting  I can feel the chilly airConstantly nearBut this is great Because…

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Moonlight Shadow

When the night is darkBut the moon is brightEverything feels rightBecause you’re holding my handΒ at the shadow of the moonlightΒ  The song below was inspire…

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A beautiful life

This is the most vague poem I ever wrote, because even I felt like my head was in the cloud while writing it. So please…

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fly - poem
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I want to experience to fly,
Just like a bird in the sky.
I want to feel the wind in my wings,
Feel the moving air on my skin.

Impossible dream,
I know.
But to experience it,
Even once will be nice.

I wish I can fly over the sea,
Over peaks and valleys.
Enjoy the beauty,
Only flying can see.

The freedom that
Flying brings,
A dream
I wish can be a reality.

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