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I’ve never heard what angels sound like, but if I’m to explain it, the girl that sings with such soothing voice sounds just like one….

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beautiful tears
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Short Saturday

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Stay positive

New dawn, New beginning. Life keeps going.

Finally done with most busy time of my job (for now). Happy to get back to reading more blog and…

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12-words story #005

I hate having weaknesses, but I am what am because of it.

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Have a fun Friday!

Not everyone who cries is sad
and not everyone who smiles is happy

I wish you a wonderful day with no worries.

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12-words story #004

He got the brightest smile, but I see the shadow behind it.

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The one, poem
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Monday… 😴

I’m feeling blue…I want to do nothing and only sleep. It’s raining and everything’s grey and so a short poem title “the one” was created….

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Behind the Lies

Today is the 18th year since my husband and I first met. This is the day we are using to celebrate as our anniversary instead…

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I’ve been really down lately. I came across a tragic story this year after watching an old music video that captured my heart. Last month…

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