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    Coward of the County

    “Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man” I got a new gimmick you guys! Monday is always about music for me, but instead of just sharing the songs, I’ll be including a short story or poem which I wrote while listening to it. So please watch out for anything with “inspired” in the title every Monday.…

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    Get on up when you’re down

    Here’s another song to brighten up your Monday! 5ive was one those group that soar when boybands was at the highest, yet probably forgotten even by 90s kids. I have to admit. I never forgot 5ive because I don’t even know them to begin with 😂 But I love many of their songs like “Keep on Movin”…

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    Make your Monday better

    Manic Monday

    Here’s another favorite music from 1986. I haven’t heard it until I was 18 but I love it from the first tone. Enjoy! Lyrics Six o’clock alreadyI was just in the middle of a dreamI was kissin’ ValentinoBy a crystal blue Italian streamBut I can’t be late‘Cause then I guess I just won’t get paidThese are the…