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Never give up!

I first shared this post last year, but I feel like when new problematic issues going around I’m sure there are people out there are…

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Nanowrimo 2020
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Live like hell

I search my name today. Admit it, I bet you did it too, at least once? Nothing new comes up but I encountered a quote…

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This is for you
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This is for you

To everyone who read my poem

and send their best wishes

in this poem here

you’re the king and queen…

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I may seem like an easy target

But don’t try me.

I’m been trampled, beaten, broken.

I survived. You can’t break me.

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Ha! Take that.

In my drowsy state
inspiration always visit
Come back tomorrow
I muttered and sleep
I woke the next day
I sit down to write
and damn…

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