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What’s happiness?

Charlene’s song I’ve Never Been To Me has been negatively criticized by jealous housewives when it comes in 1982, (the year mom gives birth to…

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be unique, be you
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Be unique. Be You

What’s the point of following everyone’s path if it doesn’t lead to your happiness. Be unique. Be You.

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Just Because

Just because I’m smilingdoesn’t mean I’m happyJust because I’m laughingdoesn’t I’m having the time of my life When someone cried in front of medoesn’t mean they’rethe victim…

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Smile it's weekend
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Since I’m planning to stop posting blog awards after one more award, I thought of keeping it simple. But it’s not me if I don’t…

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I’ve been tagged for happiness by Steve who often suffers a stare down his feet if his beloved cat, Muffin, doesn’t get her meal. The…

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