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I was kicked out of the house!

I’m not joking. I woke Tuesday morning excited to blog and read a lot of blogposts, but everything stops because on a whim while playing…

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They thought I got Corona virus!

Wednesday morning. Very early, 5am, I prepared to go out with my family. We will board a ferry to cross a Norwegian fjord and take…

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Long awaited Bloopers

It’s hard to keep it together when you’re losing it. Short time before christmas I posted a 2 min. video about changing a simple gift…

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Embarrassing Experience

Watching Barbie with my husband is probably the most embarrassing thing I ever experience. When I was younger, I rejected anything girly, including Barbie. I…

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Hay Buhay

Have you ever felt so attracted to one person so much you have no idea what to do with yourself?This was an experience I had…

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