• Micro Fiction

    Wolf Mountain #6

    wolf mountain

    Amara… I never moaned at the sound of my name before but hearing it from Shadow took a lot of control to stop the sound from slipping away. “Don’t you dare,” I said in forced anger. “You ruined my birthday celebration and damaged my phone. So pay me back.” Frost groaned. “You-!” Shadow looked behind me. “Go…

  • Micro Fiction

    Wolf Mountain #5

    wolf mountain

    I found the Wolf Waves salon after asking around a lot for direction. It was a simple, homely and welcoming shop that wouldn’t make me think of a hostile Shadow,. I pushed the word charming and cool out of my mind, if not, I’d start accepting to have puppies. I pushed the door open. Veronica was right.…

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    Wolf Mountain #4

    wolf mountain

    Shadow pressed his paw on top of my shoulders. "You're my queen. Come on, it's time to make puppies." Ignoring my petrified state, Shadow licked my lips, running his wet tongue to my nose and tightly closed eyes. "No! I don't want puppies!" I screamed pushing the animal off me. A disappointed brown Kelpie whimpered and get…

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    Wolf Mountain #3

    wolf mountain

    Have you seen an enrage wolf? It wasn’t pretty. Their lips raise. Their red gums and sharp teeth are obviously enough to break your bones into two. As I stood there listening to the two wolves argue about me, the only thing on my head was, beast. They’re both beautiful and ferocious beast... “Not this human?” Frost…

  • Micro Fiction

    Wolf Mountain #2

    wolf mountain

    “I said you’re not welcome here human,” the black wolf king repeated, still standing atop the higher ground with his subjects turning to face me. Their pair of grey, blue or green eyes glint against the moonlight. While the black wolf’s intense orange eyes burn me from the inside. I want to run but my feet refused…

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    Unplanned post

    I made a mistake yesterday. I posted a music post which was meant for today. 😭 So I decided to give you something new… Actually not very new, I’ve been thinking about if for a while, just never did anything about it until now. I’ve been making voice journal, and today, I decided to be a little…

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    It’s under control [Tuesday Teaser]

    angel, demon, fantasy fiction

    “That was close.” Cadriel maneuvered himself in midair and smiled at the angel coming out of the blinding light with hair almost as white as his folded wings behind him. “Agnolo, why are you here?” Like him, Agnolo suspended himself in the air and looked him straight in the eyes. “Cadriel, the gods—” He raised his hand…

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    Out to camp

    There’s an expression in the Philippines, which probably is the same in English or another language, it goes like “Bakit ka pa kumuha ng bato na ipupokpok sa ulo?” (Why did you go and get a stone to hit your head?) because I can’t help that I’m holding that stone right now. As most of you know,…

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    Truth is a lie (#1)

    truth is a lie

    Un Jin-Hwan gazed at the giant trees in front of him and frown at the unexplainable feeling which spread in his chest. He lost his memories and only pieces remain. And from those pieces, he knows that he was no longer in Earth, he was a Korean orphan who joined a spaceship bound for another solar system…

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    First solo

    First and foremost when I decided to start blogging seriously again, it was not my intention to have my blog friends read my books or have them help me commercialize them. NO I seriously love blogging about everyday stuff, or anything under the sky and interacting with people outside social media. I've been a blogger for a…

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    Beneath the Spring Flowers

    Beneath the spring flower

    Springtime is when flowers bloom. And every year I will be one of the people who eagerly wait for trees to blossom, but unlike everyone, I’m not waiting for warm weather. I’m waiting to see her. She that only appears with the delicate array of papery pink blossoms of the trees. Today she stood in the arch…

  • Micro Fiction

    The “L” for you and me

    "L is the letter I can't live without," you told me that warm summer evening. You tucked my wavy hair behind my ears. "Because L is for Lucia," you went on looking at me with so much passion I felt my heart melt, my knees weak and all my senses awaken. "It's for lucky, like, love..." you…