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    Out to camp

    There’s an expression in the Philippines, which probably is the same in English or another language, it goes like “Bakit ka pa kumuha ng bato na ipupokpok sa ulo?” (Why did you go and get a stone to hit your head?) because I can’t help that I’m holding that stone right now. As most of you know,…

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    The Here and Now

    “It’s easier to be a leader than being in charge. ” nice! This beautiful cover and the blurb hooked me the moment I laid my eyes on it. Much like Ethan falling head over heels for Prenna from the first second he saw her completely naked in front of him. This might sound wrong but I love…

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    The Sauvage Domicile

    jessica larsen, jessica e larsen

    When 2019 started I promised myself to read one book a month and The Sauvage Domicile is not the book I was planning to read in January but the moment I was given a time-limited credit, this was the first one I chose to buy. I wanted to wait after I finished the one I’m currently reading…