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Regrets #2

I love animals. I adore them to death. But too much love and carelessness kill. I went with my parents to visit my father’s sister…

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In my heart, Always
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In my heart, Always

November 1 is “Araw ng mga patay” Filipino which means “The day of the dead.” So I’ll dedicate this post for the one important person,…

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Are you afraid to die?

In respond to Ashok’s post of Life, Death and Corona I thought I’ll share my opinion here in my blog too… I agree with the…

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99 words prompt

The first time the government implemented lockdown, I thought this will be over soon. But many months later we’re still stuck at home. Worse, we receive news that Reyna, the loving mother, grandma, and mother-in-law passed away in her sleep…

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Songs to remember him

I’ve read that Kenny Rogers passed away on Friday, March 20. I don’t like all of his songs, but those I like is my favorite….

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Think and remember

Remember me in your darkest hourThink of the promises you madeThink of the sweet kisses we had in bedRemember every marks I planted Think of…

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Traces of You

It’s been so long since we parted

But the memory of it

Felt like it was just yesterday

Your smile haunts me to this day

Days, weeks, years pass by in darkness

Between us, I’m the moon

You’re the sun

Without you I can’t shine

Your clothes, your gifts

Everything that reminds me of you

They’re all here with me

I can’t let them go

Traces of you are treasure

Stuff that makes everyday bearable.

The day you left felt like hell

The last smile you gave cursed me

Death is a double edge sword

It’s brings both joy and misery

Now that I’m where you are were

The agony seems worth it

I can once again see your smile

I made you wait all these time

Who am I to refuse now that

you’re here to invite me over

I can once again see your smile

I made you wait all these time

Who am I to refuse now that

you’re here to invite me over

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Never One without the Other

This post was scheduled for tomorrow, but my internet has been running at 58kps for some days and can’t even upload a picture, so changed…

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Bittersweet Saturday

I’ve lost love one in my life, but losing the woman who had been like a mother to me (sadly appreciated me more than my…

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Losing a precious love one

I planned to share a crime story today but I can’t. This is me with my beloved mother-in-law back in 2011. She treated me like…

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dying inside
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I’m Dying

Torn between two choices

I’m hesitant to choose

The one that promise the best

Is something I know, I’ll hate

My brain is telling me go

But my heart saying no

I’m stuck in a whirlwind…

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