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    Reading should be fun

    I’ve grown up loving books. Friends told me that back from when we were as young as five they remembered me with a book or two in my hands every day. After I discover the joy of reviewing books online, I consumed books like an idiot. I join blog tours. Accepted book review request left and right.…

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    Stop reading what you hate!


    I LOVE READING BOOKS! I will be blogging a lot of book reviews and bookish stuff if I let myself go crazy, but I know that this will also drive some of my blog readers – who isn’t into books- insane so I try to refrain myself. My kindle is full of ebooks, I’m currently reading two…

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    The Here and Now

    “It’s easier to be a leader than being in charge. ” nice! This beautiful cover and the blurb hooked me the moment I laid my eyes on it. Much like Ethan falling head over heels for Prenna from the first second he saw her completely naked in front of him. This might sound wrong but I love…