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Muddle up…

You know that feeling of wanting to do something but you can’t seem to bring yourself to do so? I’m there at the moment. I…

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Jessica E Larsen book review
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The Vampiress With Amnesia

My day is never complete if I don’t get to read even just a bit. The same with blogging. I’m not the same happy if…

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Tuesday Teaser

Sorry guys if I have been a bit inactive since weekend and going to be worse. I’ve been busy packing for a week long road…

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angel, demon, fantasy fiction
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It’s under control [Tuesday Teaser]

β€œThat was close.” Cadriel maneuvered himself in midair and smiled at the angel coming out of the blinding light with hair almost as white as…

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Tuesday Teaser: Sly Prince

β€œThat’s her, Mr. Policeman! That’s the girl who tried to steal my wallet!”

β€œMiss, could you please turn around?” the policeman said.

Blaze grimaced. Using the elastic band which he always had around his wrist, he bundled his long hair into a low ponytail and turned around. He glanced at the police officer who seemed taken aback when he smiled and…

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Blurb Bennett Fox walked into my life on one hell of a crappy Monday morning. I was late for the first day at my new…

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