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Broken self-promise

Do you have a new year resolution? Are you following it up? Mine sucks! I’m not sleeping the way I wish and blogging everyday annoy…

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A blog break

How was your Christmas eve? Because of all the Christmas preparation, I’m tired and burn, but the good news is, I’ll be spending my blogging…

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I’ll be out for a bit…

You might have notice my inactivity lately. I’m doing fine. But I’m busy with life and won’t be much around the rest of the week….

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Goodbye my friends…👋

No joke. I will still blog but I’m taking a quick break. But here’s a question. You blog because…? Me? I need it. Although you…

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I’ll be out in a while

As much as I love blogging, life happens. I’ll still be reading blog but I have tons of stuff I must do this January, scheduling…

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