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    Ribana from https://popsiclesociety.com nominated me for this award about a month ago. Yes, I’m so mysterious I’m receiving this award for the third time. Hehehe! 😈 Thanks for this Ribby! 3 things about me #1: I’m a very vengeful person. One time when I was about 5. I tossed an ant to my mouth because it bit…

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    Special Blogger Award #4

    Did I just say that third time was a charm? Well, here I am again. So let’s just say fourth time is a boon! And the one responsible for it is a talented man Simon Nisha from https://penonsite.wordpress.com/ ¡Muchas gracias amigo! I truly encourage you to drop by Simon’s site when you got time. He blogs about…

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    Special Blogger Award #3

    Special blogger award #3

    Are you tired me yet? Or perhaps envying me for being so love I got 3 nomination? Keep it coming! 😒 😨 😱 … Please excuse me. I need to deflate an inflated narcissism… Third time is a charm right? On this third nomination, I was on of the lucky nominees by Ribana from Popsicle Society. She…

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    Special Blogger Award #2

    Special Blogger Award

    They say second time is sweeter. I guess it’s true. Simon from Pen On Website also nominated me shortly after receiving my first Special Blogger Award. Thank you… Do visit his blog when you have time. He’s a great (horror) story teller and also blog about irony and other interesting stuff. Simon’s Questions: 1. Would you like…

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    Special Blogger Award #1

    What do you do when the person you admire won’t let you hug her? 🤔 Thank her with all your heart when she makes you feel special. So, thanks Hug for yet another interesting nomination! ❤️ Huguette’s Questions: 1: What’s the special about you? I’m not a good judge so I’ll refer to what my friends and…

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    Borrow The Lyrics

    It took me a while to decide what to say and write for this exciting challenge, which Simon from Pen On Website nominated me and kindly exempt from his one rule ( THANKS ) because I’m not into Selena Gomez song… Shut it hardcore Selena fans. I’m her fan too, but her as an actress. I have…

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    Liebster Award

    A long time ago a good blogger friend nominated me for this award. But after jumping around too much I can no longer remember which blog it was. 😂 I also have a nomination for “Borrow the Lyrics” but I’m having a harder time coming up with the material so I’m posting this first. Sorry Simon 🙇‍♀️…

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    Me? Random? Ha!

    randomness award

    …Maybe. I think I am. Although I don’t post everything, I don’t have rules when to post what, so I think that’s pretty random. This Randomness Award is thanks to Jyoti, a sweet girl from India who blogs about her thoughts at https://jyoticorner.home.blog. Jyoti Questions: 1: Which is your favorite book and name it’s author. I want…

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    Random Acts of Kindness Award!

    I love the name of this award. It makes me feel like I’m doing something good for humanity (at less I hope I do). My ever honest and straightforward friend / favorite blogger, Huguette nominated me and for that, you have my heartfelt thanks Hug! Kindly visit Huguette’s blog at https://huguetteantoun.com/ Award rules: Thank the person nominating…