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I will be blogging a lot of book reviews and bookish stuff if I let myself go crazy, but I know that this will also drive some of my blog readers – who isn’t into books- insane so I try to refrain myself.

My kindle is full of ebooks, I’m currently reading two paperbacks, three ebooks and I’m also following serialized more than a dozen manga and web novels.

In this web serial stories, I also like reading and replying to comments just like here in the blogs and what annoy me the most are idiot readers.

Before I start I just want to say, I’m straight and only had a crush on a girl once or twice. But I like reading soft and sweet stories that include gay and lesbians. And I know that this isn’t for everyone. But don’t you agree that it’s stupid to find comments like “What’s up with this gay shit” or “Ugh, I lost my mood because of this lesbian crap” etc. etc. many chapters later? Especially when the story was clearly tagged with the LGBT genre?

I hope web readers could stop ruining others mood with stupid comments. It’s fine to comment on how good or bad the story is. But the genre? Come on!

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    1. I’m doing fine Nour πŸ’— and you’re not the only one. I’ve been missing a lot lately too… little time and too many things to do … sigh

    1. Agree. Everyone should have the right to live the way they want as long as they don’t anyone.
      My rant here, however, isn’t to depend the LGBT rights or anything because I’m sure they are very capable of doing that. My issues are really just readers. I can understand them complaining in the comment of the first chapter that they hate LGBT romance, but it’s plain bullshit complaining it after many chapters later.

  1. I laughed about the LGBT comments. Heck, with my writing, as you know Jess, give me a social taboo and that is an invite for me to write a poem about breaking a taboo, and I’ve covered most of the LGBT field over the years πŸ™‚ In reality though I seriously think other taboos cause more issues, but we are not ready to challenge as we should.

    1. I think I’m lack taboo because I can accept and talk about almost anything and I see nothing unnatural with your writing. They’re special. But I can see where you are coming from.

  2. Hello Jess and hope you had a nice weekend πŸ™‚ I wish I can have this enthusiasm to read! I do struggle so much to read and this is not good at all :/
    Regarding this subject, it’s like all other disrespect and phobias we face in this society! Probably the gays subject more than others…I don’t know why someone would be bothered about a person’s sexual or love orientation, why people care? They don’t need to love it but they can at least not bully and hurt! Who’s forcing them to read? I believe that all these people that show hate and aggressive attitude are probably fighting their true identity which is really sad…because if no one is hurting you or bothering you, why would you care? Why would you hate and be hostile? Anyway, I want to say more but I’ll stop here and for me anyway even categorizing people shouldn’t exist! Straight, gay, bisexual…Why should I be labeled? I can simply say “Interested” “Not interested” when someone approaches me…This is how I see it, because sometimes we think we’re gay or bisexual then we discover there’s another name of our case….(Like the example you gave, you had a crush once or twice on a girl, so doesn’t mean you’re gay or even bisexual…) And some people get married and have kids and later on they have feelings to someone from same gender and discover their identities…I think people should focus on important things like famine, wars, social and economic issues, child abuse, women rights and violence, poverty….Child and women…trafficking etc….how to make this world better instead of worrying of the people sex preferences!
    This is how I see it, and my personal opinion
    Have a great day! πŸ™‚

    1. Completely agree with you Hug. But you said so much I’m actually left speechless. You can post the whole comment into a blog post about no sex label, with love is love and you are who you are no matter what. Enjoyed reading your comment. <3

      1. Thank you Jess πŸ™‚ I’m actually preparing a post since as I knew that it’s the Pride month so I had an idea and I’m working on it…I might add this comment in the post as well in some way…
        Have a great day <3

        1. I’m aware that there’s a Pride month I’m just don’t know what month it is haha πŸ˜€
          Wishing you the same Hug.

          1. Isn’t it 2020? Hahaha πŸ˜‚ I’m too busy living under the rock to keep the month in my head.

    2. Jessica got a point. This whole point can be delivered a blog. We love to read about it. You have left such valid points to think about . Whoever pretends or truly agree this subject here will read and think about it.

      1. Thank you Simon πŸ™‚ I told Jess I’m working on some post and will include these ideas for sure! I appreciate your support and encouragement

  3. Well said Jessica πŸ‘ Im straight too, But this stupid comments, Seriously? Can’t beleive these type of people. Why don’t they first read the genre i think most. For kind of us interested to read any genre just ignore these stupid readers. Read what you like, forget these comments.

    1. Thanks, Simon. Exactly my point. Instead of complaining that they wind up on the wrong category, they should read the genre before reading. I don’t mind them (usually). I guess years of small annoyance built up haha πŸ˜€

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